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Subway Gluten Free Options

Updated: 8/31/2023

Subway Gluten Free Options

If you're trying to cut gluten from your diet, Subway is a great option for a quick, gluten free meal. While there are plenty of gluten free options on the menu, there are also a few items you'll need to avoid ordering as well as some tricks to minimize cross contamination.

Does Subway have gluten free bread?

Subway does indeed offer gluten free bread! While Subway is famous for baking their bread fresh daily right in the store, the gluten free bread is made at a gluten free facility and sealed in a plastic bag to prevent gluten contamination. Before you get too excited, there are two massive catches. First is that the gluten free bread at Subway costs an extra $1.50 per six inch sandwich. And then there's the second catch... only some Subway locations carry their gluten free bread.

To check whether your local Subway has gluten free bread, we recommend either giving them a call or using the Subway website's online ordering feature to check if it gives you the GF bread as an option.

What gluten free options does Subway have beyond sandwiches?

If your local Subway happens to not carry gluten free bread or you just don't feel like a sandwich, there are other menu options for you to choose from. Subway's protein bowls and salads are both great options that can be made gluten free by choosing the right ingredients. You can think of the salad as a six inch Subway sandwich without the bread, while the protein bowl is essentially the same thing, but with double the meat and cheese.

Whether you're ordering a sandwich, salad or protein bowl, you'll need to select the right meats, cheeses and veggies to keep your meal gluten free.

Subway gluten free meats and proteins

Choosing a gluten free meat for your Subway meal is super easy. There are only two meat options that contain gluten; the sweet onion teriyaki chicken and the meatballs. Every other meat option is gluten free, as well as the veggie patty.

Is Subway's cheese gluten free?

Again, choosing a cheese for your gluten free Subway meal is easy! None of the offered cheeses contain gluten. Many times restaurants will use a shredded cheese that is coated with a gluten-containing anti-caking agent to keep the cheese from sticking to itself. Luckily that isn't the case with Subway. Like all of the cheeses at Subway, the shredded Monterey & cheddar cheese blend is gluten free.

Do any of the vegetables at Subway contain gluten?

Compared to a lot of other sandwich shops, Subway offers a ton of vegetable offerings so you can really customize your meal and every single one of them is gluten free! Go ahead and load up your sandwich or salad with as many veggies as you like, knowing that none of them contain any gluten.

Subway gluten free sauces

Subway offers a variety of sauces to help you add a little extra dose of flavor to your meal. Nearly all of them are gluten free. In fact the only sauce that contains gluten is the Sweet Onion Teriyaki Sauce. The mayo, Baja Chipotle Southwest Sauce, Creamy Sriracha Sauce and mustards are all gluten free.

How to avoid cross contamination at Subway

At any restaurant, gluten contamination is a real concern, and it's no different at Subway. While you can't completely eliminate the chance of gluten contamination in your Subway meal, there are a few tips you can follow to lessen the chances.

  • Tell the Subway employee making your sandwich that you are gluten free. They may be able to take some extra care to avoid your meal coming into contact with gluten containing ingredients.
  • Ask the employee to change their gloves. Subway employees use disposable gloves while making sandwiches. It should be no problem for the employee to put on a fresh pair of gloves while preparing your food to reduce gluten contamination.
  • If you order a sandwich, request that your sandwich be cut with a clean knife. A knife that was used to cut the previous customer's sandwich may still have some gluten containing crumbs on it, so a fresh, clean knife should help reduce the likelihood of contamination.

We hope this helps make eating gluten free at Subway a bit easier! Below you'll find the complete gluten free menu from Subway. Select any item to see the full nutrition and allergy information.

If you have a serious gluten allergy, please consult with your local restaurant before ordering. Restaurants often use shared prep and cooking space, which makes cross contamination possible.

Subway Gluten Free Menu

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