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Fish McBites: Are they healthy?

Fish McBites: Are they healthy?

With Lent in full swing, millions of Americans are facing a serious problem: How will they ever replace those delicious McDonald's Chicken McBites with a meatless, Lent-friendly option? Never fear, McBite lovers, McDonald's has come to your rescue with a new offering: Fish McBites.

As you might guess, Fish McBites are small, bite-sized pieces of battered and fried fish. They come in three sizes and are also available in a Happy Meal. According to McDonald's, the fish used is the same Alaskan Pollack that's in the Filet-O-Fish. Why pick the McBites over the Filet-O-Fish? Well, choosing the McBites means no bun, American cheese or tartar sauce; three ingredients that contain a lot of calories, but provide little nutrition. Plus, Fish McBites are made to be dunked in a variety of tasty sauces, and science has proven that dunking food makes it better. Don't believe me? Try dunking an Oreo in milk. I rest my case.

This new menu addition has created a dilemma for McBite lovers; chicken or fish? Let's look at the nutrition facts and see which one will be the healthier choice!

Chicken McBites
Regular Size
47028 g33 g
Fish McBites
Regular Size
37020 g31 g

With 100 fewer calories, 8 fewer grams of fat and 2 fewer grams of carbs, the Fish McBites win as the healthier option. But what about taste? To this blogger, Fish McBites taste like frozen fish sticks... I'll let you decide whether that's a good thing or not.