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Popeyes Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sandwich Nutrition Facts

Popeyes Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sandwich Nutrition Facts
Updated: 6/7/2023

Introduced in 2023, the Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sandwich was launched in response to the huge success of their original Chicken Sandwich. This new variation retains the winning formula of the Chicken Sandwich, with a few appealing extras that set it apart.

The Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sandwich still features the seasoned and fried chicken and tangy pickles that fans of the original Chicken Sandwich have come to love. What sets it apart, though, is the inclusion of Havarti cheese, adding a creamy, buttery layer of richness that ties in wonderfully with the other ingredients. Additionally, there's the introduction of bacon, providing a salty, crispy note that balances the flavors and adds an extra textural dimension to the sandwich.

Popeyes Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sandwichs contain 830 calories, no matter which option you choose.

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