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Dairy Queen Releases A Mint Shake

Dairy Queen Releases A Mint Shake

In a move that that'll have you wondering why they didn't do this years ago, Dairy Queen has finally released a Mint Shake to compete with McDonald's Shamrock Shake.

Available as both a shake and a malted shake, The Dairy Queen Mint Shake has been available as a secret menu item at DQ for years, but this marks the first time it will formally appear on the menu.

The DQ Mint Shake and Mint Malted Shakes will be available for a limited time at Dairy Queen locations across the country. Dairy Queen has not said how long this mint treat will stick around for, but we'd bet it lasts through St Patrick's Day.

A Dairy Queen Mint Shake is made of soft serve vanilla ice cream, milk, mint syrup and is topped with a dollop of whipped topping.