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KFC Double Down Nutrition Facts

KFC Double Down Nutrition Facts
Updated: 4/13/2023

The KFC Double Down is a sandwich that replaces the bread with fried chicken breast filets. In between those two chicken breasts are two slices of cheese, two strips of bacon and mayonnaise. First introduced back in 2010, the Double Down has made brief appearances on the KFC menu over the years as a limited time offer. In 2023, KFC is bringing back the Double Down, with sales beginning on March 6th, 2023. The Double Down will be available at KFC locations nationwide, but only for four weeks or while supplies last.

KFC Double Downs contain between 930-950 calories, depending on your choice of option. The option with the fewest calories is the Spicy Double Down (930 calories), while the Original Double Down contains the most calories (950 calories).

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