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KFC Boneless Chicken Nutrition

KFC Boneless Chicken Nutrition

Mark your calendars, because according KFC, April 14, 2013 will be “the greatest day in chicken history”. That's right, this Sunday KFC will turn the chicken world on its head as it releases its new Original Recipe Boneless Chicken.

Boneless chicken? Is that even possible? KFC claims it is. Their scientists worked around the clock to find a way to remove the bones of the chicken, using a process that I can only assume involves bone-melting lasers. Or magic. Or maybe they just cut the chicken meat off the bone... you know the same process used to make this boneless chicken. Or this. Or this. Or this. Maybe this boneless chicken isn't as revolutionary as KFC would like you to think.

Besides not having bones, what do you need to know about this new wonder of the chicken world? Well it comes in either white or dark meat varieties and it's seasoned with the Colonel's Original Recipe of herbs and spices, breaded and fried.

Is the new KFC boneless chicken healthy? How does the nutritional value of the boneless chicken compare to the original bone-in chicken?

For our comparison, let's look at the nutrition facts for a piece of the new boneless white meat chicken and a piece of the bone-in Original Recipe Chicken Breast.

It looks as though the new boneless chicken compares favorably to the traditional bone-in chicken. The boneless white meat piece has fewer calories, less fat, less cholesterol and less sodium than the bone-in chicken.

So does that make the boneless chicken healthier? Probably not. Since the only real difference between these two pieces of meat is the bone (which you aren't eating), we'd expect the nutrition facts of these two items to be roughly the same. The fact that the boneless chicken has fewer calories and less fat likely comes from the pieces being smaller.

Take a look at the full nutrition facts for the new KFC Original Recipe Boneless Chicken to see the full nutritional analysis:
KFC Original Recipe Boneless Chicken - White Meat
KFC Original Recipe Boneless Chicken - Dark Meat