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Burger King Rib Sandwich Nutrition

Burger King Rib Sandwich Nutrition

Since the early 80s, The McDonald's McRib has had the fast food rib sandwich market cornered, but that's about to change. Burger King has just announced their new Rib Sandwich, a seasonal item clearly modeled after the McRib.

Like the McRib, the Burger King Rib Sandwich features a boneless rib patty. And since there's no such thing as a boneless rib, it means that this is really just some pork pressed into a rib shape. On top of that rib-shaped patty you'll find tangy BBQ sauce and butter pickles.

If Burger King's Rib Sandwich sounds pretty delicious to you, you might be wondering about its nutritional value. Can you make the BK Rib Sandwich a staple of your summer diet and still fit into that bathing suit? Let's examine the nutrition facts and find out!

If you were hoping that the Rib Sandwich might be a healthier alternative to a burger, you'll be sadly disappointed. In terms of serving weight, the Rib Sandwich is just a little bit bigger than a Whopper Jr. Even though these two sandwiches are similar in size, the Rib Sandwich packs a much bigger nutritional punch... in a bad way.

Compared to the Whopper Jr, the Rib Sandwich has more calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium and sugar. You might think that it's just because the Rib Sandwich is a little bigger than the Whopper Jr, but that small size difference can't explain why the Rib Sandwich has 65% more calories and 3x the amount of sodium!

If you're looking for a healthy summertime fast food lunch, you're probably better off staying clear of the Burger King Rib Sandwich.

For the full nutrition facts for the Burger King Rib Sandwich, follow the link below:
Burger King Rib Sandwich Nutrition Facts