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Burger King Chicken Fries Nutrition Facts

Burger King Chicken Fries Nutrition Facts

For years, food companies have been making vegetable products that look like meat. But back in 2005, Burger King flipped the script by introducing chicken fries, which were quite possibly the first meat product made to look like a vegetable. Chicken fries were crispy pieces of fried chicken, with a french fry shape that made them perfect for dipping. After a 7 year run, Burger King discontinued Chicken Fries in 2012.

This did not sit well with fans of chicken fries. They took to the internet threatening to boycott Burger King and even signing presidential petitions asking Obama to bring about the return of Chicken Fries. It took a few years, but Burger King finally listened, and chicken fries are back!

So what's healthier; eating your chicken in nugget or fry shape? Or does it matter at all? Let's look at the nutrition facts and find out!

The nutrition facts for an order of chicken fries are remarkably similar to the nutrition facts of the BK 6 piece chicken nuggets. They both have 290 calories and 17 grams of fat. If you're planning on dipping those chicken fries or nuggets in barbecue sauce, you can add an extra 40 calories to your total.

However the story changes when you look at sodium. The chicken fries contain 780 mg of sodium; almost twice as much as you'll find in the 6 piece nuggets! The chicken fries also have a bit more carbohydrates than the nuggets.

No matter whether you opt for chicken fries or nuggets, this certainly isn't health food. But we'd be inclined to stick with the nuggets to avoid the extra sodium in Chicken Fries.

See the complete nutrition facts for Burger King Chicken Fries and Chicken Nuggets: