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What Happened To The Healthy Chicken?

What Happened To The Healthy Chicken?

Finding a healthy meal at Arby's just got a little tougher. While most fast food restaurants are eagerly adding more healthy options to their menus, Arby's is hard at work removing them.

Prior to recent menu changes, Arby's offered all of their chicken sandwiches and salads with the choice of either crispy chicken or roasted chicken. Now diners only have the option of the breaded and fried crispy chicken; all the roasted chicken offerings have been removed from the menu. So what does that mean for your diet?

Let's look at the Cravin' Chicken Sandwich, comparing the version with crispy chicken to the no longer offered version with roasted chicken. The Cravin' Chicken Sandwich with crispy chicken is worse for you in just about every way. Compared to the roasted chicken sandwich, the crispy chicken sandwich has more calories, more calories from fat, more saturated fat, more total fat, more cholesterol and more sodium. A diner who has to switch from ordering the sandwich with roasted chicken to crispy chicken will see their calorie intake go up by 34% and their fat intake go up by 83%!

So what the cluck, Arby's? What happened to the healthy chicken?