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Pizza Hut Melts Nutrition Facts

Pizza Hut Melts Nutrition Facts
Updated: 11/21/2022

The new Pizza Hut Melts are like pizza sandwiches that are supposed to be easy to eat on the go. Essentially, Pizza Hut Melts are a thin n' crispy crust pizza that has been cut in half and then folded up like a sandwich. Folding the pizza keeps all of the cheese, sauce and toppings securely inside the melt, making it a slightly easier to eat while on the go than a pizza.

Pizza Hut customers can choose from a few different topping and dipping sauce options. Each Pizza Hut Melt costs $6.99, although prices may vary.

Pizza Hut Melts contain between 1100-1190 calories, depending on your choice of option. The option with the fewest calories is the Meat Lover's Melts (1100 calories), while the Buffalo Chicken Melts contains the most calories (1190 calories).

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