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Survive Lent With These Meat-less Fast Food Options

Ash Wednesday is tomorrow and with it comes the start of Lent. For Catholics, that means 40 days of self-reflection, prayer, and abstaining from meat on Fridays. Now before you get all depressed thinking of all the Filet-O-Fishes you'll be eating on Fridays, let me share some good news: THERE IS A BETTER WAY! That's right, you no longer have to suffer through greasy, fried fish sandwiches slathered in tartar sauce to make it through Lent!

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Taco Bell Quesalupa Nutrition Facts

Taco Bell has an illustrious history of combining two foods into one. First, it was combining Doritos and tacos. Then it was quesadillas and burritos. Well, the crazy cooks at Taco Bell are back at it again. Last night at the Super Bowl, Taco Bell announced their latest creation, the Quesalupa. As you may have guessed, the Quesalupa combines a cheese quesadilla with a Chalupa. The result is a a gooey, cheesy monstrosity unlike anything the world of tex-mex food has ever seen!

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Burger King Extra Long Buttery Cheeseburger Nutrition

After eating a burger, do you feel like your hands aren't greasy enough? Does it feel like blood is flowing through your arteries a little too easily? Well, Burger King has a solution for you: butter! That's right, Burger King is now putting butter on burgers. BK's new limited time offering - the Extra Long Buttery Cheeseburger - is here to make sure that your hands are too greasy to hold on to anything and that your arteries are clogged enough to give your heart a real workout!

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Chick-fil-A's Kale Superfood Side is Crazy Healthy!

As a health enthusiast, it sometimes gets frustrating covering the fast food industry. I'm constantly writing about ridiculously unhealthy things, like bacon wrapped pizzas and sandwiches that use fried chicken patties as bread. Just writing about these nutritional disasters makes it feel like my arteries are clogging! But every once in awhile, a fast food restaurant does something amazing. Something that makes me feel like dancing. Something healthy. My friends, today is one of those days, because Chick-fil-A has just started selling a new product that I believe just might be the single healthiest thing you can buy at a fast food restaurant.

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Burger King Chicken Burger: Is It Healthier?

Burgers can be pretty darn tasty. Unfortunately, a big, juicy burger usually comes at a high nutritional cost. The red meat in a burger patty is greasy, fatty, caloric and full of cholesterol. But what if we swapped out the beef for white meat? That's exactly what Burger King has done with their new limited time offering, the Chicken Burger. But is the Chicken Burger actually healthier than a good old fashioned beef burger? Let's find out!

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Weight Watchers SmartPoints For Fast Food

Everyone loves Oprah's favorite things, and in 2015, Oprah found a new favorite: Weight Watchers. Last fall, America's favorite media mogul purchased a 10% share of the point-based diet plan company and went to work helping them improve their product. In the last few weeks, we've seen the fruits of those labors in the form of a new ad campaign starring Oprah herself, and a complete overhaul of Weight Watcher's point system. The old point system, dubbed PointsPlus, was just replaced with a brand new system called SmartPoints.

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Your Next Fast Food Meal Might Come With A Government Warning

Whether it's drinking alcohol while operating heavy machinery, smoking while pregnant or removing that tag on your mattress, the government likes to slap warnings on products to keep us from doing dangerous things. And pretty soon, you might find a government warning on yet another product: your fast food meal. [jump]
Keep reading to learn about the government warning on fast food[jump]

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